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An introduction to weather for the retail industry

When the weather changes, retailers risk losing millions through low stock levels, empty shelves and disappointed customers. Having a better understanding of the weather will help personnel in the retail industry manage the impact of weather on their supply chain and optimise their operations.

This course will help you to think ahead and know what to expect in order to plan effectively. You will be able to state the limitations of forecasting and give confidence when communicating them to others.

Aim: To help professionals in the retail industry better understand and interpret meteorological information, so they can optimise operations.

Course length: 1 day.

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Course location: This course is delivered on request at a location of your choice. Training held at the Met Office College will include a tour of the Met Office headquarters including the Operations Centre.

By the end of the course you will:

  • interpret the weather and weather hazards;
  • recognise what influences our weather, and how a forecast is produced;
  • know how to interpret and understand the guidance provided by DemandMet™ for more informed decision making.

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