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Advancing to Guidance

This course will equip you to operate at an advanced level

The Advancing to Guidance (ATG) course is designed for operational meteorologists qualified to WMO BIP-M level with a minimum of 5 years operational experience in a national meteorological service, or similar organisation, which is responsible for public and stakeholder weather services.

This course is aimed at those who have been identified as potential team leaders or mentors, and are likely to have a responsibility for the overall weather story within their organisation. It is a practical, applied course with opportunities to put the theory taught into practice. The Met Office College training team is supplemented by subject matter experts from across the Met Office who themselves are responsible for the decision making and communication of a consistent weather message within the organisation.  

Aim: To equip the learners with the skills and knowledge required for the demanding role of issuing weather advice to ensure a consistent weather message.

Course length: 8 days.

Location: Courses are held in the excellent Met Office College facilities at our Exeter headquarters.

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • correctly interpret current and expected weather conditions;
  • identify potential severe weather events at different timeframes;
  • relate weather and other natural hazards to potential impacts; and
  • issue effective guidance that enhances resilience and response to local, national and regional weather events.

Course content includes: dynamical concepts, hydrometeorology, global drivers and teleconnections, NWP, nowcasting, climate change impacts, seasonal forecasting, impact based forecasting, communication skills, and handling uncertainties and probabilities.

How to book: If you would like more information or to book a space on the course, please email us at

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