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Foundation Meteorological Technicians Course

designed for staff who have not had any road meteorology training

This course is compliant with the Basic Instruction Package for Meteorological Technicians (BIP-MT) as described in WMO No. 1083.

The Foundation Meteorological Technicians course combines theory and practical training to provide staff with a basic knowledge of atmospheric phenomena and processes and the practical skills required to apply this knowledge.

Aim: To equip the attendee with the basic skills and knowledge required to begin a career as a meteorological technician.

Course length: six weeks plus an online introductory programme in maths and physics.

Location: the six week classroom course is tailored to an organisation's specific area and airspace of responsibility and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

After completing this course you will:

  • understand the general circulation of the atmosphere and the basics of weather systems;
  • understand basic physical principles and atmospheric interactions;
  • have knowledge of climate variability at your specific location and an insight into climate change and the use of climate statistics;
  • have knowledge of the workings of meteorological instruments and methods of measurement, assessment and data analysis from land, sea and air;
  • have the necessary skills to observe and monitor the atmosphere and report information using internationally recognised codes and distribution methods;
  • be able to interpret commonly used meteorological diagrams and products;
  • be able to confidently present meteorological information to others through written and oral communications.

On completion of further on the job training and specialist training courses to develop specific competencies, meteorological technicians may take up operational duties carrying out weather, climate and other environmental observations or assisting weather forecasters in preparing and disseminating products and services. 

This course is also recognised by the Royal Meteorological Society as an academic basis for those aspiring to accreditation as Chartered Meteorologists and as meeting the educational requirements for a Registered Meteorologist.

How to book: If you would like more information or to commission a course for your organisation, please email us at

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