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Volcanic Ash Concentration

On Friday 13th December 2019, London VAAC will be issuing exercise Volcanic Ash products. The products will appear on relevant pages and will be clearly marked as TEST or EXERCISE. Please do not take any action on these products. In the event of a real volcanic eruption this message will be removed and all issued products will appear without the TEST or EXERCISE header

Modelled Volcanic Ash Concentration forecasts are available from the links below.

Volcanic Ash Forecasts are only available from London VAAC for volcanoes erupting within the London VAAC area.

The VAAC are the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres who hold the responsibility for advising on international aviation. For more information go to Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres


Ash Concentration Graphics N. Atlantic/Europe/Asia area

Ash Concentration Graphics NE. Atlantic/Europe Area

Ash Concentration Graphics N. Atlantic/Europe/Asia area - 5 day outlook

Ash Concentration CSV files

VAAC CSV files



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