Met Office events on the COP26 science pavilion

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Science pavilion programme

You can view an overview of the science pavilion programme here. Further details can be found on the science pavilion webpage.

Met Office events on the science pavilion

Below are links to all of the events hosted by the Met Office on the COP26 science pavilion which can now be viewed on-demand on YouTube. For some of the events you can also view an illustrative scribe of the discussions which took place produced by Three Blind Mice.

Tracking ocean climate change and impacts on our fragile ocean

Recovering historic data to inform climate services

Importance of science for rising to the challenge of climate change

How can science help the world halt climate change? 

The power of data in decision-making and for public understanding of climate change

High impact, low likelihood events and decision making under deep uncertainty: what do we need to do to prepare for the worst?

How can climate informed ‘stress testing’ support a more resilient global economy and society?

The future of climate modelling

2021 Global Carbon Budget: the latest update on current trends in CO2 emissions and carbon sinks

Guiding the path to net-zero through science

How climate information and services support anticipatory action

Early career researchers building urban resilience in Africa 

Communicating climate risk – what works and what doesn’t

Poetry Power: A New Energy in Climate Communications 

The future of the ocean and cryosphere is in our hands

…because farmers feed us all: using climate information for a resilient food system 


Harnessing climate science for adaptation

Will the rainforest slow climate change? World leading science in the Brazilian Amazon

Harnessing International Science for Climate Policy & Action 

What women bring to climate science: a panel discussion

Applying climate and location data to better understand climate impacts and make informed decisions

Public health in a warmer world

Building climate resilience in a low carbon world