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Impacts on social welfare

What is the risk?

The Met Office was asked to identify how climate change could affect the work carried out by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), including how both the department and the services it provides may be affected.

What have we done?

By looking at all aspects of the department's work in conjunction with the anticipated effects of climate change, we ascertained the overall sensitivity of the department to the issues.

What's the conclusion?

We delivered a package of recommendations on which parts of DWP policy and services required high priority action to prepare for climate change. For example, grants are given to vulnerable people to help with heating costs in particularly cold weather. In the future, hot-weather payments may be needed to contribute to air-conditioning costs. Our advice provided a clear understanding of how climate change may affect the work of the DWP, highlighting areas where it should focus attention for policy changes.