First explorations

This content can be used to start exploring concepts in climate change and weather. It may be most suitable for 5-11 year olds or as preliminary content for older students to build the concepts.

Explore and download our resources:

  • Forecasting and prediction - get to grips with the subjects at the heart of weather forecasting and climate prediction
  • Extreme weather - find out about extreme weather around the world and its impacts
  • Climate change - our climate is changing. These resources can be used to discover more about the causes and impacts of climate change, and explore what can be done to help
  • Weather and climate stories - discover who's most vulnerable to the impacts of severe weather and the people who help communities stay safe
  • Technology and innovation in weather - find out how technology and innovation influence weather forecasting, climate prediction, and crucially, how they're communicated
  • People in weather and climate -  bringing to life the work of the Met Office, and other roles influenced by weather and climate

To support learning, we've also produced bitesize, hands-on activities to use in the classroom or do at home during the holidays, alongside a wide variety of other resources designed for young people.