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East Africa and Seychelles climate

The Seychelles consist of over 90 small islands, mostly low-lying, although the largest island (Mahe) has hills up to 3,000 feet They have a tropical climate, and have become a popular tourist resort. Winter average daily maximum temperatures reach 28-29 °C (83-84 °F), but it is a very wet season (about 15 dry days on average) with average monthly rainfall about 14 inches (355 mm). On the Kenyan coast, daily maximum winter temperatures can be up to 31 °C (88 °F), but inland at Nairobi (6,000 feet), values are only about 24 °C (75 °F). Generally, the mainland is much drier than the Seychelles, with about 24-25 dry days on average, but monthly average rainfalls of only about 1-2 inches (25-50 mm).

Springtime temperatures in the Seychelles are slightly higher, with daily average values up to 30 °C (86 °F). The season is drier than Winter, with about 21 dry days on average and a monthly average rainfall of about 7.5 inches (191 mm). Conversely, this is the mainland's wet season, with monthly average rainfall totals up to 8.3 inches (211 mm) inland, and 12.6 inches (320 mm) on the coast at Mombasa. Coastal temperatures can reach 30 °C (86 °F) in April, but are pegged back at about 23 °C (74 °F) inland.

The summer months in the Seychelles have similar temperatures with average daily maxima about 27-28 °C (81-83 °F), but the mainland's temperatures are as low as 21 °C (70 °F) inland. Coastal temperatures will be 6 or 7 °C higher than those inland. Monthly average rainfall is about 3 inches (75 mm) in the Seychelles, with about 22 dry days on average. Mainland rainfall totals average about 0.9 inches (23 mm) inland, and about 2.5 inches (64 millimetres) on the coast. The Seychelles are rarely affected by tropical cyclones, and the combination of relatively high temperatures and high humidity is tempered by frequent daytime sea breezes. However, the nights may feel uncomfortably oppressive.

Again, Autumn in the Seychelles has average daily maximum temperatures of 28-29 °C (83-84 °F). It is a wetter season, with about 19 dry days on average and an average monthly rainfall total of up to 9.1 inches (231 mm). One factor of the Seychelles climate is the remarkably consistent average maximum temperatures, only varying by about 3 °C all year. The mainland is rather drier, with monthly average rainfall totals of about 3 inches (75 mm) on the coast, but as high as 4.3 inches (109 mm inland). However, the actual number of dry days is about the same as those on the Seychelles. Inland temperatures are about 2 °C up on the summer values.

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