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Hong Kong climate

Hong Kong consists of one major island, several smaller inhabited islands, and a portion of the Chinese mainland. It is just within the tropics and has a similar monsoon climate to that of south China. Rainfall is particularly heavy from early May until late September, but some rain occurs in all months. Although occasional cold spells, lasting a few days, occur in winter, snow and frost are virtually unknown and the period from October to March is generally warm and dry.

Humidity is high during the hot, wet summer and the weather is often very sultry and oppressive. Average daytime maximum temperatures vary from 17 °C in February to 31 °C in July and August. In June, July and August, the average minimum temperature is an unpleasant 26 °C. Particularly between July and September, typhoons, moving northwards from the South China Sea, bring heavy rain and very violent winds which can cause damage to property and loss of life. Although mainly dry, February to April are rather cloudy and sunshine then averages only three or four hours a day compared to six to eight hours during July to December.

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