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Central Mediterranean climate

Malta beach

Places in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, including Sardinia, Sicily and Malta, all receive a Mediterranean climate.

In the winter months, the Mediterranean locations are generally milder than further north, although probably not warm enough for serious sunbathing. Average daily maximum temperatures are about 15-16 °C (59-61 °F), with between 4 and 6 hours of sunshine each day. Sicilian and Sardinian dry days average about 23, whilst Malta is about 4-5 days wetter.

Springtime sees the temperatures warming up nicely, attaining an average daily maximum of about 23 °C (74 °F) by May. Daily sunshine hours will have increased to some 10 hours by the end of the spring, and on average there are between 25 and 29 dry days each month.

June, July and August are the major holiday months for the area, with long spells of fine sunny weather. Average daily maximum temperatures reach 30-31 °C (86-88 °F) in August on Sicily and Sardinia, but refreshing sea breezes tend to keep Malta 2 or 3 °C lower. The summer months tend to be dry, with only one or two wet days expected on average. Daily average sunshine levels out at about 11 hours.

September often tends to prove to be an extension of summer in the Mediterranean, but there soon follows a marked drop in temperature, daily average maxima falling to about 19 °C (66 °F) by November. However, that is not before the possibility of a visit from the 'Sirocco' warm wind, and the sea is still comfortably warm to swim in at first. By November, there are an average of 22 dry days, coupled with about six hours of sunshine.

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