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Get involved - Become a Voluntary Climate Observer

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The Met Office operates a network of Voluntary Observers, who contribute daily climatological readings.

The data reported by our Voluntary Observers is uploaded via the Weather Observations Website (WOW). During the month these records go through quality checking before being stored in the permanent archive and forming an important part of the climatological record for the UK.

We are currently looking to expand our network of voluntary weather observations and are keen to hear from volunteers and organisations who could commit to taking daily readings. We would be asking volunteers to commit to a minimum of five to ten years as length of record is vital to providing a good UK climate set.

In order to ensure readings are as representative of an area as possible, potential observing sites will need to be assessed for suitable exposure to the elements.

Once confirmed as a suitable site, volunteers will receive:

  • Met Office instrumentation, which is regularly calibrated to national standards
  • Training and support
  • A Regional Network Manager¬†visit every three years to provide support and training, while at the same time updating important information about your site.

You may already have some weather observing equipment, however only instrumentation provided by the Met Office may be used in order to adhere to the instrument and calibration criteria.

If there are observers already in your local area, then we may not be able to support your site. However we will be very interested to hear from you so that we can note your interest for the future, and you can still make submissions through the Weather Observations Website (WOW).

If you would like to participate as a Voluntary Climate Observer please contact us.

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