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HadISD online material - preliminary version

Please read the Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods & Data Systems and Climate of the Past I and II papers before using the material presented here.

The netCDF headers are listed below with some information as to what they contain.

Field NameLong NameUnits
timeTimeHours since 1-1-1931 00:00UT
input_station_idPrimary source for timestep data
wind gustm/s
slpsea-level pressurehPa
stnlpstation-level pressurehPa
past_sigwx1Past significant weather code
precip1_depthDepth of 1-hour precipitation accumulationmm
precip2_depthDepth of 2-hour precipitation accumulationmm
precip3_depthDepth of 3-hour precipitation accumulationmm
precip6_depthDepth of 6-hour precipitation accumulationmm
precip9_depthDepth of 9-hour precipitation accumulationmm
precip12_depthDepth of 12-hour precipitation accumulationmm
precip15_depthDepth of 15-hour precipitation accumulationmm
precip18_depthDepth of 18-hour precipitation accumulationmm
precip24_depthDepth of 24-hour precipitation accumulationmm
qc_flagsQuality control flags
flagged_valuesRemoved values (T, D, SLP, STNLP, WS, WD, TC, LC, MC, PP1, PP2, PP3, PP6, PP9, PP12, PP15, PP18, PP24)

The homogeneity information is not yet available for this version of HadISD. The homogeneity assessment will only be run at the end of a complete calendar year, so please find the latest in the page for v3.3.0.2022f.

A number of files and plots are linked below which were used or generated when creating HadISD.

DescriptionStation NumberData fileNotes
Station Lists
HadISD Station List9678hadisd_station_info_v331_202304p.txt1
HadISD Station List (with names)9678hadisd_station_fullinfo_v331_202301p.txt1
HadISD Station Additions284hadisd_station_additions_v331_202301p.txt
HadISD Station Removals166hadisd_station_removals_v331_202301p.txt
Composite Stations2827final_mergers.txt2
User Identified erroneous data
Failure Rate Summaries
Number of stations with a failures from a certain test in percentage binsall_fails_summary_20230512.dat3
Test 3-letter code descriptortests_codes.txt

Failure Rate Plots
Duplicate monthsAllpng
Odd ClusterTemperaturespng
Odd ClusterDew Pointspng
Odd ClusterSLPpng
Odd ClusterWind Speedpng
Frequent Value CheckTemperaturepng
Frequent ValuesDew pointpng
Frequent ValuesSLPpng
Diurnal Cycle CheckAllpng
Gap CheckTemperaturepng
Gap CheckDew pointpng
Gap CheckSLPpng
Record CheckTemperaturepng
Record CheckDew pointpng
Record CheckSLPpng
Record CheckWind speedpng
Day StringsTemperaturepng
Day StringsDew pointpng
Day StringsSLPpng
Day StringsWind speedpng
Straight StringsTemperaturepng
Straight StringsDew pointpng
Straight StringsSLPpng
Straight StringsWind speedpng
Hour StringsTemperaturepng
Hour StringsDew pointpng
Hour StringsSLPpng
Hour StringsWind speedpng
All temperature stringsTemperaturepng
All dewpoint stringsDew pointpng
All SLP stringsSLPpng
All wind stringsWind speedpng
Climatological CheckTemperaturepng
Climatological CheckDew pointpng
Climatological CheckSLPpng
Spike CheckTemperaturepng
Spike CheckDew pointpng
Spike CheckSLPpng
Spike CheckWind speedpng
SupersaturationDew pointpng
Dew point depressionDew pointpng
Dew point Cut OffDew pointpng
Variance CheckTemperaturepng
Variance CheckDew pointpng
Variance ChecksSLPpng
Variance ChecksWind speedpng
Logical CheckWind speedpng
Wind RoseWind speedpng
Cloud TotalLow,Mid,High,Totalpng
UnobservableHigh Cloudpng
UnobservableLow Cloudpng
UnobservableMid Cloudpng
UnobservableTotal Cloudpng
Full Low cloud checkMid & High Cloudpng
Full Mid cloud checkHigh Cloudpng
Negative cloud valueAll Cloudpng
Pressure Cross CheckStation Level Pressurepng
Neighbour OutlierTemperaturepng
Neighbour OutlierDew pointpng
Neighbour OutlierSLPpng
Month clearedTemperaturepng
Month clearedDew pointpng
Month clearedSLPpng
Month ClearedWind Speedpng
Month clearedWind Directionpng
Month clearedTotal cloudpng
Month clearedHigh Cloudpng
Month clearedMid Cloudpng
Month clearedLow Cloudpng
Month clearedCloud Basepng
AllDew pointpng


[1] Station ID, latitude, longitude and elevation used.
[2] First ID in the line is the station ID used throughout the processing. The remainder are ones which were composited into this station record.
[3] Summary table in the paper was created from this file. And you will need the test_codes.txt file to interpret these outputs. The first 71 rows are in the same order as the QC flag field in the netCDF files. The remaining rows are aggregations for all strings and all tests for the variables.