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    Forecast summary

    • UK 5 days
    • UK 6-30 days

    UK forecast for the next 5 days

    Fine and warm weather ending, with rain across northwest.


    Mainly dry and fine across much of the UK and locally warm again across the southeast. Some showery rain later across western areas. However, a band of rain will move across Scotland and Northern Ireland with some strong winds.


    Rain band continuing southeast, with some showery rain ahead of it across central and eastern England. Turning colder in the northwest with rural frost under clearing skies.


    Rain band moving erratically southeast across England and Wales, clearing southeast England by evening, followed by brighter but cooler conditions and blustery showers in northwest.

    Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

    Windy with showers or longer spells of rain for many Thursday, some heavy. Becoming drier and les windy into the weekend. Much colder with some overnight frost in the north.

    Updated at: 0214 on Tue 22 Sep 2020

    Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

    UK Outlook for Saturday 26 Sep 2020 to Monday 5 Oct 2020:

    The coming weekend will see a brief period of drier weather on Saturday, though it will be cold with grass frost possible widely. Looking further ahead however, it is set to return to an unsettled picture. Generally windy weather coupled with spells of rain and showers will likely continue through next week, with those showers becoming heavy and blustery at times. The heaviest rain most likely in the north and northwest, which may also see gales at times. Meanwhile, there may still be brief interludes of drier and sunnier weather, most likely in the south and southeast. Temperatures will generally be rather cool, potentially cooler in more persistent rainfall, and overnight frost may be seen in prone parts of the north as and when calmer spells of weather allow.

    Updated at: 1421 on Mon 21 Sep 2020

    UK Outlook for Tuesday 6 Oct 2020 to Tuesday 20 Oct 2020:

    Further into October, conditions may begin to settle down and temperatures may nudge back towards average or slightly above average for the time of year, though with significant variation between warmer and colder spells. Morning fog and patchy frost may also become more prevalent towards mid-month.

    Updated at: 1451 on Mon 21 Sep 2020

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