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UK 5 day weather forecast


Dry for many with some sunshine.


Often cloudy for many northern parts of the UK but still some sunny spells here whilst southern parts see the best of the sunshine. Some showers likely, most frequent over parts of Scotland and some exposed parts of northeast England.


It will be cloudy for many with a few showers likely. Clearer and colder in the south of England with frost likely.


Cloudy for much of the UK with a few showers and some sunny spells, the best of these in the south. More persistent rain and strong winds for northern Scotland.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Mainly dry in central and especially southern areas with bright spells. Gales and snow showers will affect northern Scotland on Thursday. Rain across northwest Scotland Saturday. Night frost at times.


UK long range weather forecast

Through the beginning of the period unsettled conditions across the north are likely to spread southwards. The northwest will see the worst of the weather with spells of heavy rain and strong winds interspersed with sunshine and showers whilst the southeast should stay drier and brighter. Towards the middle of April the weather may turn more changeable with a few days of rain and strong winds alternating with periods of sunshine and showers for much of the UK. Any showers may turn to a mix of sleet and snow over northern hills. Temperatures are likely to be around normal for the time of year. During any more settled periods, mild days are likely to give way to cold nights.


It is most likely that this period will see spells of unsettled conditions, bringing wet and windy weather, interspersed with quieter interludes of dry and settled weather. The unsettled periods could see showers turning wintry over the higher ground in the north. The settled periods should see plenty of clear spells and sunshine, with the driest conditions expected in the southeast of the UK. Temperatures should remain around normal but with cold nights giving way to warmer days.


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