Weather and climate change

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There may be weather warnings in force for the UK

UK 5 day weather forecast


Mixed fortunes today; some heavy rain and strong winds Friday


Parts of the south starting foggy, before rain arrives, perhaps heavy in the southeast, where not clearing until evening. Elsewhere patchy rain clearing to sunshine and scattered showers, these heavy and blustery in the northwest, where it will turn colder.


Many areas becoming dry but with some showers, these most frequent across the northwest, with snow on hills. Noticeably chillier, with a touch of frost in the north


Parts of Scotland bright, chilly with blustery showers; gales in the north. Rain, heavy and prolonged for some, spreading to much of England and Wales, mild and windy in south.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Cloudy, outbreaks of rain in south Saturday, clearing to dry, bright and colder weather from Sunday. Sunshine and blustery showers in the north, wintry on hills, becoming drier later, cold.


UK long range weather forecast

The start of next week will see mainly dry and bright spells with plenty of sunshine across most of the UK. On Monday, widespread frost will develop away from the coastal areas of Northern Ireland, northern Scotland and eastern England where a few showers are likely to continue. Further ahead, northern areas may see some colder outbreaks leading to overnight frosts and some showers may turn wintry over the hills. However, in the south it may be milder overall. Despite uncertainty at this time, as we move into November, it is possible that drier, more settled spells will continue with temperatures near or a little below average. This could bring night frosts as well as the risk of patchy fog at times.


The first half of November should be mostly settled and dry for the majority of the UK with plenty of sunny spells. Although there is significant uncertainty for this period, any rain is most likely to be confined to western areas. It seems probable that temperatures will be a little below average with the potential of frosts and fog patches forming overnight. Despite the mainly settled outlook, more changeable periods with rain or showers may be possible too bringing milder spells. These, however, are likely to be short-lived.


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