Weather and climate change

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There may be weather warnings in force for the UK

UK 5 day weather forecast


Patchy rain for central parts of the UK. Drier elsewhere.

This Evening and Tonight:

A dry and chilly night across the north of the UK, but with blustery showers affecting northern Scotland. Cloudy and mild across much of the south, with light rain edging southwards across Wales and northern, central, and eastern England.


Cloud and patchy light rain or drizzle will move southwards across southern UK. Drier with sunny spells across the north but for scattered, blustery showers continuing to affect northern Scotland.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Tuesday, mostly fine although rain in the far northwest. Wednesday, cloudy with patchy rain in the north, dry and sunnier further south. More widely sunny on Thursday. Overnight fog possible.


UK long range weather forecast

Dry, sunny and warm weather is expected to dominate on Friday and Saturday with any wet and windy weather confined to the far northwest. Overnight temperatures will be on the cool side for many bringing a chance for some patchy mist and fog, especially in the south. By Sunday cooler, unsettled weather is expected to move in from the west and herald a spell of rather changeable weather for part of the working week. There is a degree of uncertainty as we head towards the last weekend of September. On balance we should see a northwest to southeast split in the weather with the strongest winds and heaviest spells of rainfall in the northwest, and the best of the dry, warm, and sunny weather in the southeast.


Confidence remains low through this period and a number of different weather scenarios are possible. However the most likely situation is for southeastern parts of the UK see the best of the dry weather with daytime temperatures fairly warm for the time of year. Low temperatures are likely during many of the nights, bringing an increased chance of mist, fog and ground frost. Meanwhile, the northwest of the UK is more likely to keep stronger winds with heavier rain at times. It will be cloudier in the northwest leading to lower daytime temperatures.


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