Weather and climate change

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There may be weather warnings in force for the UK

UK 5 day weather forecast


Clear tonight. Saturday sunny and warm for many.

This Evening and Tonight:

Most areas sunny this evening, then clear overnight. Chilly in some areas with isolated patches of fog or low cloud, especially in the northeast. Much milder in parts of the west, where it will stay windy and gusty.


Most areas sunny and warm again, perhaps very warm, despite a noticeable breeze, strong and gusty in parts of the west. Possible evening showers for southwest Britain and Northern Ireland.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Fine and warm in the north and east at first on Sunday before turning increasingly unsettled for all with showers or spells of rain and stronger winds at times


UK long range weather forecast

Through the rest of September, we will see a mixture of changeable days with sunny spells in between showers, and days with grey skies and more persistent rainfall. It is likely to be windy at times, with the potential for gales, particularly in the west and southwest. Temperatures will be close to normal, but in any drier spells, they may be warmer than average. Into the start of October, it is most likely that we will see a continuation of the changeable weather, although this is not certain yet. We could also see a return of more settled weather for the southeast, but still in the northwest it may remain unsettled with wind and rain.


Confidence in the forecast remains low through this period. However early October may bring some fine and settled weather with bright days, but mist, fog and increasingly some frost overnight. Northern and western parts of the country may continue to see some rain at times, and this might spread across the rest of the country as we go through October. Temperatures are likely to be close to the average, but with settled weather this will bring warmer days and cooler nights.


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