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UK 5 day weather forecast


Much of southern UK grey and quite misty on Wednesday.

This Evening and Tonight:

Most regions cloudy or turning cloudier, cloud in the far west and northwest thick enough for a little patchy rain too. Southern UK also turning quite misty and murky with some fog patches about.


Most areas largely cloudy, also a little patchy rain in the far northwest. Quite misty and hazy for southern UK. Some breaks eastern Scotland, northeast England and the far southwest

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Often cloudy with mist and fog in places overnight, and some sunny spells by day. Some occasional rain and stronger winds in the far north and north-west. Temperatures around normal.


UK long range weather forecast

Sunday will turn more unsettled for most, with bands of rain moving southeast across the UK, accompanied by a strengthening wind. Heavy showers behind fronts could also bring some wintry precipitation to the hills of the north. Next week looks likely to remain unsettled, with Atlantic fronts making their way southeastwards across the UK. The north and west are likely to see the wettest and windiest spells, with the occasional risk of snow on higher ground. The south and east should stay slightly more settled, though there will still likely be some wet and windy periods. Any settled spells between fronts will lead to some brighter conditions and isolated overnight frosts, but these will likely be short-lived. Temperatures generally around average in the north and just above in the south.


Through the first half of this period, the mobile wet and windy regime looks set to continue. It seems probable that the most unsettled conditions will gradually transfer further north, leaving a more traditional northwest/southeast split. There are signs that through the middle of February, that a more settled, anticyclonic pattern will begin to affect the southeast. These settled conditions may gradually move further northwest to influence much of the UK for a time. This would bring drier weather for all, with an increased likelihood of fog and frost. Unsettled spells of strong winds and rain are still likely from time to time, but mainly in the northwest. Temperatures are likely to be around normal, with a large diurnal variation, if the more settled regime was to take control.


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