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UK 5 day weather forecast


Cold and windy today but brighter than yesterday for most.


Colder and brighter than yesterday for most. Some wintry showers about too, mainly in the north and west, but also some sunny spells. Cloudier over northeast Scotland where some heavy rain and snow. Windy, especially in the north and east.


Evening rain and snow over northeastern Scotland giving way to showers. Otherwise clear spells, but also a few wintry showers about, mainly in the north and west. Cold and frosty.


Sunny spells but also some wintry showers, mainly in the north and west. Many eastern parts staying dry. Less windy than today but still breezy and feeling cold.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Cold with further wintry showers in the north, perhaps some more organised rain, sleet and snow across the south at times. Widespread overnight frost but sunshine for many by day.


UK long range weather forecast

The start of the period remains unsettled with strong winds and frequent outbreaks of rain across much of the country, particularly in the north and west. This will likely fall as snow over high ground and may also at times fall to lower levels too, especially over northern and eastern areas. Further into this period unsettled conditions look most likely with low pressure dominant across the UK, bringing changeable weather with periods of rain, showers, and strong winds. Northerly winds are expected at times, increasing the risk of snowfall especially in the north. In the south, milder interludes may occur bringing at or above average temperatures. Overall temperatures are likely to be rather cold in the north but close to average in the south.


Confidence for this period is low, though low pressure is likely to be dominant at first with an increased chance of northerly winds. This will therefore increase the risk of snowfall especially in the north along with colder than average temperatures, potentially bringing wintry hazards more widely. Through mid-February higher pressure may develop for a time which would bring drier conditions with an increased likelihood of fog and cold, frosty nights.


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