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    Forecast summary

    • Regional
    • UK 5 days
    • UK 6-30 days

    Regional forecast for London & South East England

    Dry with sunny spells, turning cloudier this evening


    Early mist or fog patches soon clearing this morning, then dry with sunny spells for much of the day. However, it will turn rather cloudier into the evening. Maximum Temperature 11 °C.


    Generally rather cloudy overnight but it should stay predominantly dry, just the chance of the odd spot of rain in the east towards dawn. Less cold than recently. Minimum Temperature 4 °C.


    Rather cloudy start in the east, perhaps with the odd spot of rain, but becoming mostly dry for all with bright or sunny spells, and feeling milder. Maximum Temperature 12 °C.

    Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

    Friday, rain and strong winds clearing, then bright, breezy, and a few showers. Saturday and Sunday, some bright or sunny spells, also showers, perhaps heavy and occasionally prolonged. Lighter winds.

    Updated at: 0041 on Wed 21 Mar 2018

    UK forecast for the next 5 days

    Dry with sunny spells for many. Rain in the north.


    A fine and chilly start for many with some patchy fog in the southeast. Remaining mostly sunny in the south, however, rain in the far northwest will extend across other northern areas through the day. Milder.


    A cloudy night for many with rain in the northwest and some eastern areas. Dry elsewhere with clear spells across Wales and the Southwest, and locally frosty by dawn.


    Mostly dry with sunny spells, however, turning wet and windy in the northwest with rain extending slowly to other northern and western areas through the day.

    Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

    Rain or showers on Friday with some strong winds at times, especially in the north. Sunshine and showers for Saturday and Sunday with mostly light winds and locally frosty mornings.

    Updated at: 0107 on Wed 21 Mar 2018

    Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

    UK Outlook for Monday 26 Mar 2018 to Wednesday 4 Apr 2018:

    There will be sunshine and showers on Monday, though rain is likely to spread in from the west later and through into Tuesday. Sunshine and showers following, these falling as snow over the high ground in the north. For the rest of this period, the weather will remain changeable, with showers and rain at times, interspersed by drier and brighter interludes. Snow may also occur at times, more especially in the north. Temperatures are likely to be rather cold, with a risk of overnight frosts. The Easter weekend is too far away to be confident with any details. The most likely scenario currently is a spell of colder than average weather, with increased likelihood of overnight frosts, and a greater than normal chance of snow showers, especially in the north.

    Updated at: 1212 on Wed 21 Mar 2018

    UK Outlook for Thursday 5 Apr 2018 to Thursday 19 Apr 2018:

    Colder than average conditions are likely to prevail overall; often showery with fairly light winds, and a continued chance of overnight frosts. Showers could be heavy with hail and thunder at times, but there are also likely to be good spells of sunshine in-between. Showers or longer spells of rain could fall as snow at times, mainly over higher ground and in the north. Any milder, wetter and windier spells are likely to be relatively short lived. Towards the middle of the month, it is possible that we could start to see some warmer temperatures, less cold nights, and it may become drier generally.

    Updated at: 1212 on Wed 21 Mar 2018

    Location Details


    Location: 51.401, -1.3216

    Altitude: 74.0 m above mean sea level

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