Extended outlook


Issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, at


On Tuesday evening an area of low pressure is expected to be centred Norwegian Sea 1002 and this is likely to fill and move away northeastwards. A ridge of high pressure extending northwards across the UK will move eastwards to reach eastern waters of Cullercoats by Wednesday afternoon. Overnight this area of high pressure is forecast to continue moving away eastwards across Scandinavia allowing a broad trough to extend south and east across most waters of Cullercoats by Thursday morning. An Atlantic depression is then expected to move from near Bailey 997 to reach Faeroes 1006 by Thursday night. An anticyclone may then be centred northern Germany 1026 by the same time, with a ridge of high pressure extending across the English Channel. The greatest risk of gales will probably be across Fair Isle at times, and possibly also the western North Sea on Wednesday night, otherwise no significant hazards are expected


On Tuesday evening a broad ridge of high pressure is expected to extend eastwards across most waters of Biscay and Fitzroy to western Germany. Relatively low pressure will cover the UK and a low may be centred Spain 1013. Little overall change is likely overnight with high pressure extending across northern waters of Biscay and Fitzroy and then probably also English Channel waters.


On Tuesday evening a ridge of high pressure lying UK to Faeroes is expected to move eastwards allowing active Atlantic fronts to move across most waters of Portpatrick by Wednesday morning. By the end of the day an Atlantic depression is expected to be centred near Bailey 997 with a broad trough extending east across northern waters of Portpatrick. The low then moving into Faeroes 1006 on Thursday night, before losing its identity. Another Atlantic low will be centred 200 miles southwest of Iceland 994 by midday Friday. Gales may affect western waters of Portpatrick on Tuesday night, extending to Shannon, Malin and Hebrides by Wednesday morning before easing. Further gales into Rockall, Malin and Hebrides by early Thursday. Risk of gales then extends further south during the day. On Friday the risk may decrease, as winds generally ease slightly