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HadISST - Globally complete sea-ice and sea-surface temperature

HadSST3 - Uninterpolated sea-surface temperature (operational)

HadSST4 - Uninterpolated sea-surface temperature

HadNMAT2 - Uninterpolated night marine air temperature

EN4 - In situ ocean temperature and salinity profiles and objective analyses

HadIOD - In situ ocean temperature and salinity surface and profile observations

HadGOA - Global subsurface ocean analysis of temperature

HadDTR - A climatology of the diurnal temperature range of the Sea Surface

HadSLP2 - Monthly gridded sea-level pressures

EMSLP - Daily gridded sea-level pressures

HadAT - Gridded free-atmosphere temperatures from radiosondes

QUARC - Quantifying Uncertainty in Adjusted Radiosonde Climate records

HadTH - Analysis of humidity trends from radiosondes

HadGHCND - Gridded land daily temperatures

HadEX - Indices of climate extremes

HadEX2 - Indices of climate extremes

HadEX3 - Indices of climate extremes

HadISD - Sub-daily station data for climate extremes


HadCET - Central England temperatures

HadUKP - England & Wales Precipitation

CRUTEM4 - Gridded land monthly temperatures

HadISDH - Gridded land surface humidity

UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) gridded datasets

Urban - data used in study on urban temperature effects


HadCRUT4 - Gridded monthly temperatures

HadCRUH - Gridded monthly specific and relative humidities

EN3, HadCRUT3, CRUTEM3, HadSST2, GISST, MOHSST, MOHMAT, HadSLP1, and HadRT are now obsolete and have been moved to a deprecated datasets page. They are retained solely for the purpose of comparison to the current datasets.

Reports related to the datasets

Researchers at the Met Office Hadley Centre produce and maintain a range of gridded datasets of meteorological variables for use in climate monitoring and climate modelling. This site provides access to these datasets for bona fide scientific research and personal usage only.

Please note that this is not an operational service. This site is run by research staff with the primary aim of improving collaboration with fellow researchers. Everyone is welcome to use the site, and we aim to make it reliable, but it does not have the same level of support as the official Met Office web site.

Hadley Centre climate model data is distributed through the British Atmospheric Data Centre. Some climate model runs are also available on the WCRP CMIP3 Multi-model data archive. Please consider the use of these data resources in your work, if appropriate.

The Hadley Centre collaborates with UKCIP on modelled and observed datasets.

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