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HadUKP - UK regional precipitation series

HadUKP is a series of datasets of UK regional precipitation, which incorporates the long-running England & Wales Precipitation (EWP) series beginning in 1766, the longest instrumental series of this kind in the world. The map (below) shows the regions that are available.

The monthly EWP series goes back to 1766, whereas the monthly series for the sub-regions of England and Wales begin in 1873. The monthly series for Scotland (and sub-regions) and Northern Ireland begin in 1931. All the daily series begin in 1931.

Brief description of the data

HadUKP incorporates a selection of long-running rainfall stations to provide a homogeneity-adjusted series of areally averaged precipitation. The England and Wales (HadEWP) precipitation totals are based on daily weighted totals from a network of stations within each of five England and Wales regions. A full quality control is performed on the 5th of each subsequent month, allowing data from the most recent six months to be updated.

Region definitions for EWP

Go to download page Data are available from the download page without charge, but please read the terms and conditions. HadUKP datasets are freely available for use under Open Government License. However, please acknowledge the source if the data are used in any report or product.

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When using this dataset in reports, publications or presentations, please use the following citation:
Alexander, L.V. and Jones, P.D. (2001) Updated precipitation series for the U.K. and discussion of recent extremes, Atmospheric Science Letters doi:10.1006/asle.2001.0025.

Other information

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