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Daily, monthly and seasonal data are available on the "download" pages.

Note: During 2011, the daily and monthly UKP series were re-calculated from January 2006 to date using a more representative set of stations, to counter the effects of certain station closures over the past several years and to take advantage of some new stations which are now available. We have taken steps to ensure that this will not have affected the homogeneity of the series. See this Climate Memorandum for details.

Note: There may occasionally be a discrepancy between the highest value quoted in the text box and the accumulated highest value on the chart trend line.
This is because the highest value in the text box is derived from the monthly series which extends back to 1873 for English regions (and 1766 for England and Wales), whereas the highest trend line on the chart is derived from the daily series which currently only extends back as far as 1931.

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