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An overview of the Met Office as an organisation including who we are and where we're based, the work we do around the world and how to get in touch.

As a world-leading weather and climate service, the Met Office works closely with governments, individuals and organisations to share our expert scientific knowledge and advice.

Around the clock, around the world, people need to know more about how the weather and climate will affect them now and in the future. Our knowledge can help people make wise choices and can make the difference between profit or loss, and even life or death.

The Met Office has been a pioneer for over 150 years. Our reputation for scientific excellence has been built through the understanding of our scientists and our close links with international academia.

As the UK's national weather service, we generate forecasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We increasingly work in partnership with others to ensure people everywhere have access to our forecasts across mobile, web and broadcast platforms.

We are at the forefront of climate change research, playing a key role in helping determine the worldwide response to climate change. Our involvement in global collaborative projects includes advising the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Public services

This includes the Public Weather Service (PWS), which provides forecasts for the public at home and abroad to help them make informed decisions about their day-to-day activities. The National Severe Weather Warning Service is also a part of this, providing advance notice of weather which could affect public safety.

Transport and business

Our range of services for transport includes tailored advice on how the weather will affect roads, air and sea travel. We also provide detailed information to a broad range of businesses that can be affected by the weather, from how it impacts the demand for electricity and gas, to how it will affect sales of products in supermarkets.

Defence and Government

Our work in the area of defence includes providing forecasts for military operations anywhere in the world, often supported by Met Office forecasters working in theatre with our armed forces. Our advice helps the military make strategic decisions, plan operations and safeguard service personnel from the worst effects of the weather, for example heat stress.

We also provide a range of services for the Government. This includes environmental monitoring advice on the predicted spread of insect-borne diseases such as bluetongue, to toxic or hazardous fumes, or even volcanic ash.

Climate change

We are at the forefront of climate change research, working to create an increasingly detailed picture of how a changing climate could affect the planet and our lives. We play a key role in informing the worldwide response to climate change.

We provide tailored advice and services to help decision-makers and businesses across public and private sectors to manage risks and opportunities associated with a changing climate. Our climate information also helps to inform people around the world on how to mitigate and adapt to future changes.

Last updated: 9 January 2015

Who is the Met Office?
Who is the Met Office? What do we do? In this short video, Dave Britton explains who the Met Office is and what kind of products and services we provide not just to the UK but across the globe.

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