Disclosure log

This Disclosure Log provides a quick way to see some of the disclosures made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004, which the Met Office considers to be of wider public interest.

For each disclosure listed, there is a brief description of what was requested, the date it was processed and a summary of the answer.

Disc log numberDate releasedSubject
00131 August 2011 Disclosure log entry Services to the wind industry (PDF, 12 kB)
00225 October 2011 Disclosure log entry2 Power use effectiveness (PDF, 6 kB)
0035 December 2011 Fibre Optic Cables Fibre Optic Cables (PDF, 6 kB)
00430 January 2012 Disclosure log entry 4 Met Office's annual cost to the taxpayer (PDF, 12 kB)
00525 April 2012 Disclosure Log Entry 5 Height of Met Office (PDF, 8 kB)
0067 September 2012 Disclosure log entry 6 How the Met Office is funded (PDF, 12 kB)


25 March 2013

Staff numbers in Exeter Staff Numbers in Exeter (PDF, 6 kB)


13 June 2013

Staff Employed at Met Office Number of staff employed at Met Office (PDF, 7 kB)


3 July 2013

Cost of translating web site into Gaelic Cost of translating web site into Gaelic (PDF, 10 kB)
010November 2013 Disclosure Log 010 Flight Data 2011 (PDF, 3 kB) Disclosure Log 010 Flight Data 2011 (CSV, 123 kB)
01125 September 2013 Contrails Disclosure Log 011 Contrails (PDF, 13 kB)
01213 February 2014 Disc Log 012 Advertising Policy (PDF, 3 kB) Advertising Policy Advertising Policy (PDF, 1 MB)

For information released prior to November 2011, please see the MOD disclosure log .

Last updated: 27 February 2014