Management of the Met Office

Details on our owners, the Met Office Board and our Executive can be found here.

In 2011 the Met Office became a Trading Fund within the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). As a Trading Fund we are required to operate on a commercial basis and meet agreed targets as set by our Ministerial Owner.

Our owner

The ultimate responsibility and accountability for the work of the Met Office lies with the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The Met Office is a member of the Public Data Group, which has been set up to build on the capabilities and existing best practice to seek to support growth in the UK economy by delivering improvements in public services through its members. These objectives are additional and incremental to those with which the PDG members are already individually charged.

The PDG is an Advisory Board that provides advice to the Minister(s) responsible for all members and for the PDG itself.

More information on the Public Data Group can be found on the web site:

External link icon Public Data Group

Our board

The Met Office Board's primary responsibility is developing the long-term strategy of the Met Office. The board supports and challenges our Executive in order to assist it in delivering against BPMs. The Non-Executive Directors of the board are encouraged to assist in raising external awareness of the Met Office and our work, and to build beneficial external relationships.

Met Office Board
ChairmanGreg Clarke

Paul Rew

Sir John Beddington

Wendy Barnes

Christine Tacon

David Burridge

Rob Varley

Julia Slingo

Michael Harrison

Nick Jobling

Helen Stevens

Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director

Met Office Chief Executive

Met Office Chief Scientist

Shareholder Executive Advisor

Met Office Chief Financial Officer

Prospect National Negotiator

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Our Executive

The role of our Executive is to lead, direct and manage the Met Office effectively in order to ensure a successful delivery of the aims, objectives and BPMs. It is responsible for leadership and management of the Met Office and is tasked with directing the strategic change and implementing the strategic decisions taken at the Met Office Board. The Executive agrees key communications and makes investment decisions. The members work under the leadership of the Chief Executive and operate as a corporately cohesive collective with a shared interest in the successful achievement of our aims and objectives.

More about each Executive member

Last updated: 3 October 2014