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Inspiring young people to take an interest in their education and shape their future careers.

STEMNET Ambassadorship


STEMNET is a national organisation with creates opportunities to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Visit the STEM website here.

At the moment we have over 100 STEM ambassadors from the Met Office, who attend career events to give students a better idea of options available to them, and the qualifications necessary to progress in a career in STEM subjects.

Furthermore, we take part in school visits, providing students with the opportunity to work closely with ambassadors with specific skills sets such as meteorology, climate science and modelling, mathematics, physics, IT applications, engineering as well as other more unexpected subjects including astronomy, space physics and GIS.

Big Bang South WestBig Bang South West with STEMNET

Each year the STEM ambassadors and the students who they mentor enter into the Big Bang South West competition to showcase their best STEM projects. Not only does this encourage students to be the best they can be, but it also promotes teamwork, communication, a sense of achievement, as well as inspiring an interest in STEM subjects in our next generation.

Furthermore, the Met Office is able to reach other students and teachers who attend the event by setting up a stand geared towards communicating the importance of climate science.

REACH Academy, Exeter College 

Exeter College

The REACH Academy (Raising Excellence and Achievement) is Exeter College's programme for academically gifted students. As part of the programme, the Met Office gives science students the opportunity to work on a real-life science projects. To find out more, visit their  Exeter Collegewebsite.

School governorship

We currently have many employees who are school governors.

This can be a rewarding experience as it gives staff an opportunity to:

  • Gain new skills through extra-curricular activities that may be relevant to their future career at the Met Office.
  • Work with a variety of people with different work and personal perspectives.
  • Develop communication and influencing skills.
  • Contribute to the community and education service.

Last updated: 10 March 2015