Aerodrome Weather Warnings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aerodrome Weather Warnings Service?

As part of the arrangements for Met services in the UK provided on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority, aerodrome weather warnings have been provided for a number of years.

As inclement weather can have impacts at all sizes of aerodromes, this service is provided for a wide range of UK aerodromes.

Following extensive consultation undertaken by the CAA with the aviation industry, it has been decided to make changes to the service to create a new, cost effective, holistic, and network orientated Aerodrome Weather Warnings Service (AWWS), that can be easily available to the widest range of aviation users, including general aviation pilots.

What aerodrome warnings are provided?

  • Strong Wind (mean 20kt or more and/or gusts of 28 kt)
  • Gale (mean 34kt or more and/or gusts of 43kt)
  • Frost (Ground Frost, Air Frost, Ground and Air Frost)
  • Snow
  • Fog (including Freezing Fog)
  • Thunderstorm (including Thunderstorm & Hail, Thunderstorm & Squall, Squall, Thunderstorm & Hail & Squall)
  • Hail
  • Freezing Precipitation (liquid precipitation freezing in contact with hard surfaces)
  • Temperature Inversion (an increase in air temperature of 10C or more in the lowest 1000ft)

All warnings will continue to be provided in the standardised text format.

When are warnings issued?

  1. Standard Service
    For aerodromes that take the standard service, when applicable, warnings will be issued every six hours, four times per day at the following times (UTC):
    Time of updatePeriod of validity
    The set times for updating the UK aerodrome warnings product allows the Met Office to provide appropriate lead times in order to provide advance notice of hazards relevant to aviation. This assists aerodromes and pilots planning to respond to these hazards.

    All warnings have at least six hours lead time, with the exception of thunderstorm warnings that have a lead time of one hour. The warnings cover all or part of the six hour periods.
  2. Enhanced Service
    For aerodromes that take the enhanced service, warnings will be issued as and when necessary.

How can I view the Aerodrome warnings?

The new AWWS remains free at the point of use for all users and can be accessed using the Met Office's existing products, including OpenRunway, MetText and OHWeb. Additionally, warnings will be displayed via the new General Aviation web briefing service. Access to this service is straightforward and allows subscribers to view warnings on a map based view, (indicated by a red triangle) or when looking at the detail of an individual aerodrome location.
You can access our GA services webpage here.

aerodrome warnings

How can I be alerted about Aerodrome warnings for selected aerodromes?

In addition to viewing Aerodrome Warnings, from 27 October 2015 it will also be possible to set your own preference to receive aerodrome warnings for up to 2 aerodromes by email. This will be achieved using the Aerodrome warning alerts menu option available under Settings menu under the General Aviation briefing service.

This will also allows users to change their delivery e-mail address at any time.
NB. It is the registered users responsibility to ensure their ability to receive email alerts. The Met Office does not guarantee delivery to individual end points.

Which aerodromes/airports will get the enhanced service?
Enhanced service AWWS will be provided for the following aerodromes/airports: Aerodrome Weather Warnings Service - airport list - Enhanced See the full list here. (PDF, 7 kB)

Which aerodromes/airports will get the basic service?
Basic service AWWS will be provided for the following aerodromes/airports: Aerodrome Weather warnings Service -airport list- basic See the full list here. (PDF, 11 kB)

Last updated: 16 October 2015

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