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Services for air traffic control (ATC)

Met Office services for air traffic control

With continued growth in air traffic volume and demands for increased airspace capacity, the proactive use of accurate weather information can help you to facilitate the mitigation of weather-related delays.

Optimum routes

The Met Office supplies five-day forecasts of optimum routes across the North Atlantic to National Air Traffic Services (NATS) at Swanwick. This enables them to identify where North Atlantic traffic will be entering controlled airspace and allows for more-effective manpower planning in particular UK air sectors.

Training and consultancy

The Met Office offers training to observers to meet ICAO requirements. We are contracted by the UK Met. Authority (CAA) to train all airfield observers and deliver comprehensive aviation meteorological training in line with your needs.

Volcanic Ash Advisories

Volcanic eruptions can have a serious impact on aviation. Plan for volcanic ash events and get the latest information with our range of ftp sites.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2016 12:03 PM