Aircraft de-icing forecast service

Aircraft de-icing

A proven and unique service offering forecasts of aircraft icing conditions for airports worldwide.

The service also offers a tailored guide to holdover times, and proactive alerts to ground staff to enable improved planning of de-icing operations and reduced departure delays.


  • Timely and effective planning for de-icing events, via an online five-day planning tool - specific to your airline network 
  • Improve punctuality and first wave departures
  • Improved operational efficiency and a reduction in operational costs
  • Better environmental management
  • More-effective resource utilisation
  • Informed, confident decision making
  • Better communication and co-ordination of effort between aircraft operators and ground handling agents

The aircraft de-icing forecast service was developed in conjunction with bmi with the aim of reducing delays, improving punctuality and reducing operational costs.

Monarch Airlines are one of our customers, find out how we helped them avoid winter icing delays in our case study.  

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Last updated: 24 July 2015