Aircraft de-icing forecast service

Aircraft de-icing

A proven and unique service offering forecasts of aircraft icing conditions for airports worldwide.

The service also offers a tailored guide to holdover times, and proactive alerts to ground staff to enable improved planning of de-icing operations and reduced departure delays.

Developed for airlines, airports and de-icing suppliers by leading airlines, the service has now been proved to reduce icing delays by 84% and reduce costs by up to 30%.


  • Timely and effective de-icing.
  • Improved logistical planning of staff, equipment and fluid availability resulting in more-effective resource utilisation.
  • Informed, confident decision making with SMS, fax or email alerts of icing conditions available direct to your ground staff or supplier.
  • Reduced delays, improved turnaround times and increased passenger satisfaction
  • Fewer returns to stand.
  • Less environmental impact and wastage by reducing fluid overheating.
  • Improved contingency planning.
  • Better communication and co-ordination of effort between aircraft operators and ground handling agents.
  • Reduction in operational costs.

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Last updated: 28 March 2014