National Responsibilities

Services for the CAA and NATS

We provide expert advice and guidance to the UK Met. Authority and air traffic control centres, including:

  • gridded winds and temperatures for the assignment of Atlantic tracks;
  • inspections of aerodrome observing services;
  • investigation of meteorological-related Mandatory Occurrence Reports (MORs);
  • offshore helicopter forecasts and observer training.

Met. Observer training

We provide a fully accredited observer training programme for air traffic control staff, including the use of semi-automatic observing equipment. The training programme can be tailored to the requirements of specific UK airports and can be carried out at the Met Office College in Exeter (Devon) or on-site at your own organisation.

Aerodrome observing

  • Delivering technical expertise on semi-automated meteorological observing systems (SAMOS)
  • Working with NATS to develop fully automated observing systems for aerodromes

Offshore helicopter operations

Our offshore web is a dedicated online service used by helicopter operation centres across the UK.

Features and benefits

  • Aimed at satisfying offshore helicopter safety requirements
  • Developed in consultation with NATS and helicopter operators
  • Specially designed to support helicopter operations
  • Includes route winds, temperature and liquid water charts (from which risk of icing may be deduced), sea-state information and local area forecasts and warnings

Last updated: 10 April 2012