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We've upgraded OpenRunway® - discover the changes here

OpenRunway® is our site-specific weather forecast product to help airports and airlines make weather sensitive decisions.

Why choose OpenRunway®

OpenRunway® is an online weather forecasting package which uses the most accurate forecast information to enable you to make confident, weather-sensitive decisions throughout the year - not just winter. As well as advising when runways require treatment due to weather conditions breaching thresholds set by the user, it also advises when they can stay open during marginal weather situations. This helps to save costs and minimise disruption to passengers, airlines and airports.

Shaped by customer feedback

With extensive experience in the industry, we're known for providing trusted weather information to help airports and airlines manage their operations. However, we understand that the needs of our customers change, so our refreshed product is a manifestation of the work that we have carried out with users - for example OpenRunway® now features a mobile and tablet-friendly responsive design.

Key features

  • Responsive design - access to information via mobile and tablet devices
  • Colour coded hour-by-hour summary for the next 24 hours detailing current and forecast weather, specific for your airport
  • Easy to use map viewer with satellite and weather radar overlays to help visualise forthcoming weather
  • Access to information from runway sensors from our installed systems or your existing provider
  • Observations data
  • Tabular and map data displays
  • Meteorologist consultancy services 24/7*
  • Forecast outlook (0-5 day PDF and 6-10 day PDF)*
  • Data update notification
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Ability to set bespoke thresholds that you can manage for your airport and individual runways
  • Five day aircraft de-icing outlook**
  • Map visualisation of aerodrome warnings in the UK
  • Screen configured for optimum wide screen visualisation

*Additional option

**De-icing is now an additional option within OpenRunway®. It replaces our existing De-icing product to offer users a combination of the benefits of both products.

Our customers include:

During the development of OpenRunway®, we worked closely with customers including:

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