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OpenRunway® is an online weather forecasting package that will help you to make confident weather-sensitive decisions so your runways stay open and your flights run to schedule.

By providing all your critical weather information in one place and alerting you to changing conditions, you will be able to plan ahead and reduce disruption. OpenRunway® is on hand all year round to help your airport or airline run safely and smoothly, forecasting both winter and summer hazards.

Plan ahead

OpenRunway® is a one-stop shop providing all your essential weather information. It alerts you to current and forthcoming weather conditions at your airport, up to five days ahead, enabling you to plan in ahead and avoid delays.

Reduce costs

OpenRunway® has been designed to help you mitigate the effects of the weather, minimising unnecessary operational downtime and costs. It provides information on changing weather conditions so you can plan for any disruptions and reduce the impact of the weather on airport staff and resources. OpenRunway® will enable you to maximise operational efficiency whilst maintaining the safety of aircraft and passengers.

Make decisions with confidence

You can make decisions with confidence as OpenRunway® provides the most accurate and reliable information from the Met Office - the world leader in aviation weather forecasting.

OpenRunway key features

  • Colour coded hour-by-hour summary detailing current and forecast weather, specific for your airport
  • Bespoke thresholds that you can manage for your airport and individual runways
  • Detailed graphs of current and expected conditions
  • Easy to use map viewer with satellite and weather radar overlays to help you visualise forthcoming weather
  • Access to information from runway sensors from Met Office installed systems or your existing provider
  • Optional 0 to 5 day summary prepared by our specialist aviation forecasters for your airport (also available via email or fax)
  • Round the clock access to aviation forecasters for advice to assist your decision making

Expert help is at hand

At the Met Office, we've been forecasting the weather for over 150 years. We're one of two World Area Forecast Centres (WAFC) and the only provider of low-level UK weather forecasts for the Civil Aviation Authority. With our knowledge and expertise you can be confident that OpenRunway® offers the very best weather information available.

Working together

Over the last couple of years we've worked closely with some of the UK's leading airports to help understand the challenges you face and tailor OpenRunway® to your needs.

Proven success with OpenRunway - BAA

"Operating the country's major airports is a huge responsibility, which is why we've chosen the Met Office's OpenRunway service to be an integral part of our operations. We believe it will help us maintain superior safety levels, help keep our airports operational and minimise disruption to our customers."  Tim Hardy, Airside Director at BAA.

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Last updated: 25 April 2016

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