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Met Office DataPoint

DataPoint provides third parties with access to the Met Office’s Public Sector Information (PSI) data sets using an Application Program Interface (API).

In Spring 2017 the Met Office will be launching a significantly improved version of the Met Office DataPoint service.  Our new service will offer our users a greater level of functionality that reflects the success of its growing use.  

All existing users will need to re-register to access existing API’s via the new portal.  

First-time users will also need to register to benefit from: 
•    a new API management portal; 
•    user analytics to aid in the management of data quotas;
•    tools to help build code;
•    enhanced tutorial and technical support documentation. 

The new portal will use a new API management gateway and this will help us continue to provide a secure and reliable API subscription service for all our users.


Getting started

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Last updated: Aug 26, 2016 12:55 PM