DataPoint RSS feed

DataPoint RSS feed

A DataPoint RSS feed has been set up which links to the DataPoint notifications web page.

Initially the RSS feed will be used notify users of planned changes to DataPoint, as they appear on the notifications page, but in time it will also advise on a 7*24 basis of service problems (incidents) which will also appear on the notifications page.

DataPoint users can subscribe to the DataPoint notifications RSS on their browser or news reader. More information on subscribing to RSS feeds from the Met Office.

In addition users can sign up to an automated email service which will advise when the notifications page has been updated and will include a link to this page. Once this is operational the DataPoint mailbox will not be used for any service problems or changes.

DataPoint users can sign up to the email notification service by clicking the "Sign up" button at the top of the website, enter their email address and then select the DataPoint support notifications checkbox on the next page. More information can be found in our Guide to email alert service.

For more information see the DataPoint notifications page.

Last updated: 25 October 2013