Precipitation forecast map layer


Precipitation forecast map layers are available as a single image or as a set of titled images (Web Map Tile Service) covering the UK and showing precipitation.

Product description

Map layer images are provided with three hourly intervals from T+0 to T+36. These are updated every 6 hours.

The map layer is provided without a map, the boundary box for this image is 48° to 61° north and 12° west to 5° east.

Web Map Tile Service

The tiled image requests can be made after a capabilities request returning XML only.

Single tile

The single image request can be made after a capabilities request returning either XML or JSON.

The image layers are currently made available in a Mercator projection, it is the same projection used by Bing maps, OpenStreetMap, Google maps, MapQuest, Yahoo maps, and others.

Precipitation rate map layer sample Sample of a precipitation rate map layer

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of use of this product are defined within the DataPoint terms and conditions page.

Last updated: 20 August 2014

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