Visible satellite map layer

Visible Satellite

Image showing recent observed cloud cover presented as a single tile map overlay.

Product description

Images are updated every 3 hours with a 15 minute delay due to processing times.

Visible satellite images record visible light from the sun reflected back to the satellite by cloud tops and land and sea surfaces. They are equivalent to a black and white photograph from space. The visible satellite images are better able to show low cloud than infrared images (low cloud is more reflective than the underlying land or sea surface). However, visible pictures can only be made during daylight hours.

The map layer is provided without a map, the boundary box for this image is 48° to 61° North and 12° West to 5° East.

All satellite imagery is copyright of EUMETSAT, therefore this image has been supplied with the embedded attribution © EUMETSAT.

The image layers are currently made available in a Mercator projection, it is the same projection used by Bing maps, OpenStreetMap, Google maps, MapQuest, Yahoo maps, and others.

Satellite visible map layer sample Sample of a visible satellite map layer

Terms and conditions

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Last updated: 20 August 2014

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