Temperature forecast map overlay tutorial

This page contains basic tutorials showing how the temperature forecast map overlay data feeds can be used to retrieve data.

Please refer to the detailed documentation for the temperature forecast layer data feeds for more detailed information.


The temperature forecast layer data feeds provide access to forecast layers for various points in the future, covering the UK and surrounding area, as png images.


We recommend that the web service is used to check whether the data has been updated since it was last requested. Here we describe how to retrieve forecast layers using both of these methods.

You would like to retrieve a temperature forecast layer for a particular time-step

Via the web services

  1. Call the forecast layer web service to check whether the data has been updated since it was last requested and to check which time-steps are available
  2. If so, build the URL corresponding to the time-step for which you would like a forecast by taking the content of the BaseUrl element in the data returned by the forecast layer capabilities web service and replacing the elements enclosed within curly brackets as described in the detailed documentation .

Last Updated: 14 March 2014

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