Archive collections

Daily weather chart

Examples of what we hold in our archive collection.

  • The original Beaufort Scale.

  • Weather reports for the UK, every day from 3 September 1860 to the present.

  • Weather reports from around the world.

  • The great early writings on meteorology from such pioneers as Aristotle to Robert Boyle, Francis Bacon and Luke Howard, in our collection of historical meteorological literature maintained in co-operation with the Royal Meteorological Society.

  • Marine weather logbooks - worldwide records from merchant and Royal Navy ships, including those from historic voyages such as of the HMS Prince of Wales when she attacked the Bismarck in WW2.

  • Registers of meteorological observations and autographic records for approximately 1,000 sites - dating back to the mid-19th century. These cover temperature, wind, rainfall, solar radiation, snow and sunshine.

  • Upper-air data from radiosonde and pilot-balloon ascents.

  • The earliest weather diary is from Rye (Sussex) for 1730-33.

  • Historic images.

Last updated: 17 August 2015