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Daily Weather Summary


The Daily Weather Summary provides a summary of the observed weather for each day for a selection of stations with charts and tables and textual descriptions of the weather on the day.

All issues for 1860-2015 are available from our Digital Library and Archive. Please Email the library for further information.

Daily Weather Summary 2017
January 1st to 15th January 16th to 31st
February 1st to 15th February 16th to 28th
March 1st to 15th March 16th to 31st

Daily Weather Summary 2016

January 1st to 15th January 16th to 31st
February 1st to 15th February 16th to 29th
March 1st to 15th March 16th to 31st
April 1st to 15th April 16th to 30th
May 1st to 15th May 16th to 31st
June 1st to 15th June 16th to 30th
July 1st to 15th July 16th to 31st
August 1st to 15th August 16th to 31st
September 1st to 15th September 16th to 30th
October 1st to 15th October 16th to 31st
November 1st to 15th November 16th to 30th
December 1st to 15th December 16th to 31st


Note: Please be aware that from July 2013 onwards there is a known issue affecting the accuracy of present weather symbols on synoptic charts held within the Daily Weather Summary.

Symbols for rain have, in a number of instances, been incorrectly substituted with symbols representing sleet. Other present weather symbols may also have been affected. Please note all other information on Synoptic Charts remains correct.

Significant Weather Charts are unaffected, all information and symbols are correct. We are apologise for any inconvenience and are currently working towards a solution.

Copyright Guidance

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