Climate science technical notes

Climate Science Technical Notes

Recent reports in the Met Office Hadley Centre Technical Note series.

Climate science involves the development of climate datasets based on observations; the use of these datasets in climate change monitoring and attribution; and the use of Earth System Models to make future predictions from months to centuries into the future.

Hadley Centre Technical Notes
99 HCTN99 Assessment of the UKCP09 probabilistic land scenarios, including comparison against IPCC CMIP5 multi-model simulations. (PDF, 1 MB) Sexton, D.; Murphy, J.; Richardson, K.; Harris, G.; Brown, S.; Tinker, J (Met Office).; Karmalkar, A (University of Massachusetts).2016
98 HCTN98 Meridional overturning circulations driven by surface wind and buoyancy forcing. (PDF, 352 kB) Bell, M.J.2015
97 HCTN97_2 Investigation and quality assessment of the Past Weather Code from the Integrated Surface Database. (PDF, 4 MB) Pope, R.J.; Willett, K.M.; Osborn, T.J.; Thorne, P.2014
96 Hadley Centre Technical Note 96 Disaggregation of daily data in JULES. (PDF, 27 MB) Williams, K.; Clark, D.2014
95 Hadley Centre Technical Note HCTN95 Revised vertical mixing parameters for the UK community standard configuration of the global NEMO ocean model. (PDF, 5 MB) Calvert, D.; Siddorn, J.2013
94 Hadley Centre Technical Note 94 Real-time forecast skill for Europe in the combined Met Office and ECMWF monthly prediction system. (PDF, 1 MB) Becker, B.; Wallace, E.; Williams, A.; Arribas, A.2013
93 HCTN93 A review of lateral diffusion for Met Office ocean shelf modelling. (PDF, 344 kB)

Furner, R.

92 HCTN_92 Reducing the atmospheric lifetime of black carbon when using the CLASSIC aerosol scheme. (PDF, 1 MB)

Rumbold, S.T.

91 HCTN 91 Assessment of possibility and impact of rapid climate change in the Arctic. (PDF, 1 MB)

Hewitt, H.; Bacon, S.; Feltham, D.; Folland, C.; Giles, K.; Graham, T.; Hawkins, E.; Hodson, D.; Jackson, L.; Keeley, S.; Keen, A.; Laxon, S.; McLaren, A.; Menary, M.; Palmer, M.; Ridley, J.; Scaife, A.; Smith, D.; Srokosz, M.; West, A.; Wood, R.; Schweiger, A.


You can browse the complete Met Office Hadley Centre Technical Note series and link to our digital publications archive for those reports available in electronic format.

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Last updated: 22 April 2016

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