Weather science technical reports

Weather Science Technical Reports

Recent reports in the 'Forecasting Research Technical Report' series.

Weather Science provides the forecasting capabilities that are used for routine operational short to medium range forecasting of the weather, the oceans and their impacts.

Forecasting Research Technical Reports
Report No.TitleAuthor(s)Year
613 FRTR613 Testing the performance of simple methods for nearshore wave downscaling. (PDF, 3 MB) Saulter, A.2016
612 FRTR612 Evaluating the effects of ocean current fields on a UK regional wave model. (PDF, 3 MB) Palmer, T.; Saulter, A.2016
611 FRTR611 Exascale Computing Research priorities for the Met Office. (PDF, 780 kB) Maynard, C.; Selwood, P.2016
610 FRTR610 NEMO-surge: Setting up an accurate tidal model. (PDF, 904 kB) Furner, R.; Williams, J.; Horsburgh, K.; Saulter, A.2016
609 FRTR609 Marine biogeochemical data assimilation literature review and scoping report. (PDF, 1 MB) Ford, D.; Barciela, R.2015
608 FRTR608 Investigating biophysical feedbacks in a coupled physical biogeochemical ocean model. (PDF, 4 MB) Ford, D.; Barciela, R.2015
607 FRTR607 Comparison of 3D-Var and 4D-Var data assimilation in an NWP-based nowcasting system of precipitation at the Met Office. (PDF, 665 kB) Li, Z.; Ballard, S.P.; Simonin, D.2015
606 FRTR606 Developing, trialling and demonstrating the benefits of a wave ensemble prediction system for coastal flood forecasting. (PDF, 1 MB) Saulter, A.; Bunney, C.2015
605 FRTR 605 Comparison of planetary boundary layer heights from Jenoptik ceilometers and the Unified Model. (PDF, 4 MB) Selvaratnam, V.; Ordóñez, C.; Adam, M.2015
604 FRTR604 Initial Implementation of an Inversion Technique for Estimating Volcanic Ash Source Parameters in Near Real time using Satellite Retrievals. (PDF, 2 MB) Pelley, R.E.; Cooke, M.C.; Manning, A.J.; Thomson, D.J.; Witham, C.S.; Hort, M.C.2015
603 FRTR603 Performance of the Met Office Atlantic short-range wave ensemble prediction system. (PDF, 3 MB) Bunney, C.; Saulter, A.2014
602 FRTR602 Comparing Surface and Upper Air Data against Model Background for the Indian Region. (PDF, 6 MB) Davie, J.C.S.; Mallick, S.2015
601 FRTR601 Parametrizing unresolved mesoscale motions in NAME. (PDF, 4 MB) Webster, H.N.; Whitehead, T.; Thomson, D.J.2015
600 FRTR600 The 5A Orographic Drag Scheme: Design and Testing. (PDF, 4 MB) Wells, H.2010
599 FRTR599 Suitability of satellite sea surface salinity data for assessing and correcting ocean forecasts. (PDF, 4 MB) Martin, M.2015
598 FRTR598 Assessment of WAM Cycle-4 based source terms for the Met Office global-regional wave modelling system. (PDF, 10 MB) Saulter, A.2015
597 FRTR597b UERRA Ensemble Data Assimilation Configuration. (PDF, 2 MB) Jermey, P.2015
596 FRTR596 The Autumn Experiment 2013: A Pilot Study of a Forecasting Test Bed at the Met Office. (PDF, 5 MB) Semple, A.2014
595 FRTR 595 Assessment of significant wave height correlation distances in the North Sea and North East Atlantic using a mesoscale wave hindcast. (PDF, 1 MB) Palmer, T.; Saulter, A.2013
594 FRTR594 Methods for evaluating model performance of IMDAA. (PDF, 39 MB) Mahmood, S.; Jermey, P.; Renshaw, R.2014
593 FRTR 593 Cost-benefit studies for observing systems. (PDF, 802 kB) Eyre, J.; Reid, R.2014
592 FRTR 592 The sensitivity of NAME forecasts of the transport of volcanic ash clouds to the physical characteristics assigned to the particles. (PDF, 3 MB) Beckett, F.M.; Witham, C.S.; Hort, M.C.; Stevenson, J.A.; Bonadonna, C.; Millington, S.C.2014
591 FRTR591 Remodelling the Irish national onshore and offshore wind atlas. (PDF, 2 MB) Standen, J.; Wilson, C.2015
590 FRTR590 Interpolation methods in the RTTOV radiative transfer model. (PDF, 422 kB) Hocking, J.2014
589 FRTR589 Evaluation of Precipitation in EURO4M Reanalyses and Downscalers. (PDF, 24 MB) Jermey, P.; Renshaw, R.2014
588 FRTR 588 Frequency biases in predictions of aviation icing occurrence: What can we learn from climatologies?. (PDF, 3 MB) Morcrette, C.J.; Bernstein, B.C.; Wells, H.2014
587 FRTR587 Computational Science Recommendations GungHo Phase 1. (PDF, 1 MB) Ford, R.; Glover, M.; Ham, D.; Maynard, C.; Pickles, S.; Riley, G.2013
586 FRTR586 A review of Stratospheric Sounding Unit radiance observations in support of climate trends investigations and reanalysis. (PDF, 6 MB) Nash, J.; Saunders, R.2013
585 FRTR585 Benefit of convective-scale data assimilation and observing systems in the UK Models. (PDF, 2 MB) Dow, G.; Macpherson, B.2013
584 FRTR584 The NAME wet deposition scheme. (PDF, 2 MB) Webster, H.N.; Thomson, D.J.2014
583 FRTR583 EURO4M regional reanalysis system. (PDF, 1 MB) Renshaw, R.; Jermey, P.; Barker, D.; Meycock, A.; Oxley, S.2013
582 FRTR 582 Global assimilation of air temperature, humidity, wind and pressure from surface stations: practice and performance. (PDF, 1 MB) Ingleby, B.2013
581 FRTR 581 Comparing satellite altimetry with ocean models of the north-west shelf. (PDF, 3 MB) King, R.; Martin, M.2013
580 FRTR580 The impact of ASCAT winds from Metop-B and a new scatterometer thinning scheme (PDF, 3 MB) Cotton, J.2013
579 FRTR579_UNTAGGED Initial assessment of the impact of MetOp-B IASI (PDF, 1 MB) Cameron, J.; Cotton, J.; Marriott, R.2013
578 FRTR578 Describing the development of the new FOAM-NEMOVAR system in the global 1/4 degree configuration (PDF, 7 MB) Waters, J.; Lea, D.; Martin, M.; Storkey, D.; While, J.2013
577 FRTR577 Improved detection of volcanic sulphur dioxide using infrared imaging radiometers. (PDF, 1 MB) Cooke, M.2013
575 FRTR575_Untagged Comparison of locally received MetOp-B IASI data with global MetOp-A IASI data. (PDF, 5 MB) Cameron, J.2013
574 FRTR574 Comparing EVA results from analysis of 12 years of WAVEWATCHIII™ and 50 years of NORA10 data. (PDF, 817 kB) Leonard-Williams, A.; Saulter, A.2013
573 FRTR573 The impact of the temporal spacing of observations on analysis error. (PDF, 710 kB) Eyre, J.; Weston, P.2013
572 FRTR572 Assimilating scatterometer winds from Oceansat-2: impact on Met Office analyses and forecasts. (PDF, 1 MB) Cotton, J.2013
571 FRTR571 Development of a methodology utilising look-up tables to accelerate spectral wave model run times. (PDF, 1 MB) Leonard-Williams, A.; Francis, A.2013
552 FRTR552_Untagged NAME modelling of aircraft encounters with volcanic ash plumes from historic eruptions. (PDF, 1 MB) Webster, H.N.; Witham, C.S.; Hort, M.C.; Jones, A.R.; Thomson, D.J. 2013

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