Wembley Stadium weather

Olympic football matches will take place at a number of venues during London 2012. Wembley Stadium, with seating for around 90,000, will host the medal winning matches in early August.

Events at Wembley Stadium: football

Our observation sites show that rain is usually seen on less than 11 days per month during July, August and September and temperatures can rise to the low 20 °Cs. Ideal conditions for football are dry and settled with light winds but football stadiums usually produce quite localised weather effects, due to the shelter provided from the seating galleries. This can make them particularly warm and stuffy on hot days.

30 year average data

Wembley weather

Wind rose data

The circle below represents the direction the wind was blowing over July, August and September over a 10 year average from 2001-2011. The segments count the percentage of hours in the day where the wind was blowing from that direction.

Wembley Stadium wind

Last updated: 18 April 2016

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