Weymouth and Portland weather

The London 2012 Olympic sailing and Paralympic sailing events take place between 29 July and 6 September at Weymouth and Portland.

Events at Weymouth and Portland: sailing, Paralympic sailing

The Met Office observation site at Portland shows that the prevailing wind is usually from the southwest, but occasionally an easterly will blow from continental Europe. During August and September temperatures are typically in the high teens. On calm summer days, a sea breeze is likely, giving variable winds and a testing environment for sailing. A steady wind direction and speed would provide the ideal conditions for competing athletes.

The Met Office has installed a nearshore observation buoy off Weymouth Harbour to provide more detailed weather observations to support weather forecasting for the sailing events.

30 year average data

Weymouth and Portland weather

Wind rose data

The circle below represents the direction the wind was blowing over July, August and September over a 10 year average from 2001-2011. The segments count the percentage of hours in the day where the wind was blowing from that direction.

Weymouth wind

Last updated: 29 January 2016

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