Awful August

12 August 2008

Met Office forecasters are predicting more unsettled weather across the UK this week, with strong winds being thrown into the unseasonal mix.

Gale-force winds could affect the coasts of the English Channel, with gusts up to 60 miles per hour during Wednesday.

Met Office Chief Forecaster Richard Young said: "Unfortunately, the poor summer weather shows no sign of letting up over the next few days. As well as more rain or showers, strong winds on Wednesday could make for difficult cross-channel journeys".

Meanwhile, more rain or showers are forecast over many other parts of the country, including central and eastern parts of Scotland, which have already recorded high rainfall totals and seen local flooding. In this region more than 30 mm of rain is likely by tomorrow morning.

Some parts of Northern Ireland could also see more heavy rain during tomorrow, with eastern areas likely to see the wettest conditions.

Looking ahead, Friday is expected to be a drier day for many areas but with more cloud and rain pushing in from the Atlantic during the weekend.

Latest forecast for the UK

Last updated: 18 April 2011

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