BA set to reduce icing-related delays with the Met Office

7 January 2008

British Airways has signed a contract with the Met Office for their unique Aircraft De-icing Forecast Service to be used at four of its key regional airports in the UK.

The Aircraft De-icing Forecast Service uses unrivalled site-specific forecasts to warn the airline up to five days in advance when de-icing of aircraft on the ground is required. The accurate forecasts enable airlines to plan ahead – improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and delays while minimising environmental impact caused by unnecessary spraying.

David Jones, General Manager Ground Operations Compliance at British Airways, said: "We are using this new system at four of our key UK airports, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Manchester.

"This service provides us with critical information which allows us to plan any aircraft de-icing in a co-ordinated manner. This helps to reduce delays for our customers who are flying on our UK domestic network and helps us to maintain a robust operation at our main bases at Heathrow and Gatwick."

The web-based service is proven to be 98% accurate and includes detailed forecasts, and holdover times. Together with optional e-mail, text and fax alerts delivered direct to ground staff, we can get right to the heart of your operations. Round-the-clock telephone consultancy is also available from expert Met Office aviation forecasters.

More about the Aircraft De-icing Forecast Service


  • Our de-icing forecasts are currently 98% accurate; cut de-icing delays by up to 85%; reduce de-icing costs by up to 30%; cost less per month than de-icing a single aircraft; and lower environmental impact by cutting the usage and wastage of de-icing fluid.

  • The Met Office Aircraft De-icing Forecast Service provides the following.

    • Site-Specific forecasts

    • Weather warnings out to five days in advance

    • Expert guidance on hold-over times

    • Fax and mobile alerts for ground staff

    • Access to an expert forecaster 24 hours a days, 7 days a week

    • Flexible service levels to suit differing operations.

  • The Met Office is one of only two World Area Forecast Centres across the globe. Since 1984, WAFC London has provided international forecasting services to meet Annex 3 to the ICAO Convention on Civil Aviation. This means having the ability to provide global forecasts of upper winds and temperatures for all flights throughout the world.

Last updated: 18 April 2011

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