Cold weather raises alert

28 November 2008

Fog can be very hazardous for motoristsFreezing fog and ice will make driving conditions difficult over the weekend as cold wintry weather continues into December.

Met Office Chief Forecaster, Nick Grahame says: "Through the weekend and into next week, the whole country will have a wintry mix with fog, frost, ice and perhaps snow in some parts. It is advisable to check the latest forecasts and travel conditions over coming days."

On behalf of the Department of Health the Met Office is piloting a Cold Weather Health Warning scheme in north-west England this winter.

The scheme is designed to alert the most vulnerable to the effects of cold weather, and the first alert of the winter has been issued for the coming cold conditions.

As the national weather service for the UK, the Met Office issues severe weather warnings for the country. These, and advice on how to prepare for severe weather, can be found via the following links.

Latest forecast

What to do in severe weather

Last updated: 18 April 2011

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