Gusty Glastonbury

24 June 2008

Glastonbury weather

Glastonbury (copyright Matt Churchill)

Festival-goers at Glastonbury or any outdoor event can listen to a forecast for their area on their mobile phones by visiting Weathercall.

Can the Met Office help protect your event?

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Glastonbury revellers can expect mainly dry but breezy weather at this year's festival.

Met Office forecasters are predicting relatively settled conditions with a good deal of dry weather over the weekend, which is in sharp contrast to the wet and muddy conditions of recent years.

Andy Page, Chief Forecaster said: "Festival-goers won't be basking in scorching sunshine, but temperatures should be quite pleasant. There will be a few showers around over the weekend but these should not be too heavy or last for long. However, we're expecting it to be fairly breezy with gusty winds potentially affecting tents."

Forecast for South West England

Rainfall radar

Last updated: 11 February 2013

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