Be weather-prepared with Safesee

20 August 2008

The Met Office has today launched its latest online weather information system designed for the marine and offshore industries.

Safesee is a new web-based product developed by the Met Office to deliver up-to-the-minute tailored information, enabling the user to make the best decisions in weather-sensitive situations.

Met Office Marine Business Manager, Iain Ralston says: "Safesee helps the marine and offshore industries maximise safety and minimise downtime due to poor weather. Safesee users have access to the best weather information available, allowing them to confidently mobilise personnel and equipment for offshore projects.''

Fast and easy to use, Safesee provides round-the-clock access to site-specific wind and wave forecasts from the Met Office atmospheric and ocean models. Most importantly, it provides hourly weather updates, which give the user the latest information when and where they need it.

The user has flexibility by setting their own thresholds for wind and wave conditions with all sites displayed in a 'traffic light' table giving an at-a-glance alert for deteriorating or improving weather conditions.

More about Safesee


  • Met Office Operation Centre Aberdeen provides forecast services that are designed to support industries upon which the marine environment has an impact, including oil and gas, shipping, coastal construction, and marine law and insurance.
  • Safesee provides simple and clear round-the-clock access to many actual and forecast elements including wind, wave and sea state, visibility, satellite imagery and charts.

Last updated: 11 February 2013

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