The Prince says climate research is crucial

11 September 2009

The Prince of Wales talking at the Met Office HRH The Prince of Wales has declared that work of the Met Office is crucial, following a briefing about climate change at our headquarters in Exeter.

Climate change is of great concern to The Prince and the visit provided him with the chance to further his knowledge by meeting with some of the world's leading scientists.

In a speech to the staff of the Met Office he said: "Your work here is of crucial importance in informing so many people around the world of the nature of the threat, the huge challenges we all face."

One topic of particular interest was the deforestation of the world''s rainforests, where The Prince's passion in wanting to increase awareness was clear.

The Prince said: "Rainforests have a huge impact on global CO2 emissions. A fifth of CO2 pollution from deforestation - that's what deforestation produces. They absorb 15% of emissions from fossil fuels, so while forming 20% of the problem - which in other words is more than the entire transport sector put together - they are actually 35-40% of the solution. And they provide a crucial ecosystem."

Dr Richard Betts, Head of Climate Impacts and expert on the rainforest, said: "There can be no mistaking The Prince's drive and energy in keeping the issues facing the world's rainforests in the public's minds.

"Our discussions affirmed the importance of saving the rainforests around the world, as a vital element in combating climate change.

Last updated: 21 April 2011

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