Spring forward into a chilly weekend

27 March 2009

Spring showers Cool and changeable weather will continue this weekend. A mixture of wintry showers on Saturday will give way to mostly dry weather on Sunday and into next week.

Temperatures reached 16 °C in the sunshine last weekend, bringing an early taste of spring. However, in typical March fashion, this weekend will see widespread frost at night and highs of around 8 °C by day with the wind adding an extra chill.

Met Office chief forecaster, Steve Willington, says: "The weather this weekend is going to be quite a contrast to the warm sunshine of last weekend. It will feel chilly with blustery showers on Saturday, followed by a sharp overnight frost. Things settle down a little on Sunday with a good deal of dry weather around, and this is expected to continue into next week."

The fine weather next week will bring rising temperatures once again, with April starting on a warm note as highs reach 15 °C in places.

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