Drier weather is finally on the way

8 December 2009

Ice and snow affecting the UK Following more than 50 days of wet weather, our forecasters are predicting drier conditions across the country later this week.

The change of weather follows particularly wet conditions recently. October was a wet month, November was the wettest on record and December has begun on a similar note - but that looks set to change.

High pressure is expected to build close to the British Isles from Thursday, which will keep rain-bearing weather systems out over the Atlantic Ocean.

Met Office Chief Forecaster, Mike Trigger, said: "Heavy rain or showers have fallen on most days for well over a month. The forecast of drier conditions towards the end of the week should allow river levels to subside. However, the quieter weather means an increased chance of overnight frost and fog."

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Average rainfall amounts over the last 50 days
RegionLong-term average
18 Oct-6 Dec
Total rainfall
(18 Oct-6 Dec)
Long-term average
(18 Oct-6 Dec)
195.0 mm
319.8 mm
138.8 mm
245.6 mm
Northern Ireland
185.3 mm
336.0 mm
272.3 mm
399.5 mm
259.5 mm
470.3 mm

Last updated: 13 April 2016

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