Climate experts at Grand Designs

1 April 2009

An eco-friendly building development in Surrey; all the flats have special wind vents in the roof

Climate change experts will be at Grand Designs Live in London this month explaining why new houses must be designed to reduce carbon emissions and cope with changing weather patterns.

Climate change will have a dramatic effect on the way we build houses in the future and visitors to this year's show will see houses of the future built around the Met Office TV weather studio, which will help people understand how global warming will change Britain's climate in the future.

Visitors will be able to present a weather forecast with a twist - showing how climate change will affect the UK's weather. Budding presenters will use the same 'blue screen' system that our presenters use in their TV weather bulletins, and the results will be broadcast live in the Grand Village.

Dee Cotgrove, Met Office Head of Communications, said "We're very pleased to be at Grand Designs Live. We all need to take action to reduce climate change and adapt to its impacts. The first places we can do this are in our own homes and gardens. Grand Designs Live offers us the opportunity to reach more than 100,000 members of the public. Offering visitors the chance to present the weather of the future is an interactive and highly visual way to show just how much our climate is going to change."

The houses we build now will need to be ready for the challenges of climate change, such as extreme summer heat, increased risk of severe weather and the associated risk of both summer and winter flooding.

We are already committed to some warming across the UK and we will need to take action now to adapt to this and to limit further climate change in the future. The houses at Grand Designs will help show consumers what you can do to create effective, durable and adaptable buildings that:

  • are weather and climate resistant or resilient

  • reduce energy consumption

  • reduce the amount of carbon emissions, during build and after

We are working with Grand Designs Live to raise awareness that new homes of the future will have to be built with climate change in mind. Organisers are looking to encourage consumers to be more aware of climate change and the amount of energy used in their homes, and how to adapt and cope with the changing climate.

To have a go at presenting a weather forecast, visit our TV weather studio in the Grand Village section of Grand Designs Live from the 25 April - 4 May, at London's ExCeL centre.

Last updated: 13 April 2016

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