Health impacts for a changing climate

8 October 2009

Health guide cover Our climate science has been used as part of a major new book, highlighting the impacts of climate change on our health.

The Health Practitioner's Guide to Climate Change focuses on the health benefits that can be realised by facing the challenges of, and adapting to, a warming world. It is hoped that the publication will be a particularly useful reference for anyone involved in the health sector.

Joining forces with other leading organisations in the field, the Met Office Hadley Centre has authored the first chapter, which concentrates on the science behind climate change - a theme that runs through the rest of the book.

Climate scientist Felicity Liggins, who wrote the chapter, said: "Our understanding of the relationship between the weather and health has developed greatly over recent years. This book brings together that work, but goes one step further to outline the practical measures that health professionals can take."

Climate change and healthcare

Last updated: 13 April 2016

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