Recent heavy rain over north-west Britain

20 November 2009

The last few days has seen heavy rain affecting parts of north-west Britain. This was caused by an Atlantic weather front becoming almost stationary across Northern Ireland, Cumbria and south-west Scotland.

In Cumbria, there has been 372.4 mm of rain at Seathwaite and 361.4 mm of rain at Honister between 0800 on Wednesday 18 November and 0400 on Friday 20 November.

Provisionally, the 24-hour total at Seathwaite (ending 0045 on Friday 20 November) of 314.4 mm is a UK record for a single location in any given 24-hour period. Records go back to 1914.


Hourly rainfall images 2000 Wednesday 18 to 0600 Friday 20 November 2009

Hourly rainfall images 2000 Wednesday 18 to 0600 Friday 20 November 2009

November rainfall totals in millimetres
 17-18 November
(08-08 UTC)
18-19 November
(08-08 UTC)
19-20 November
(08-08 UTC)
3 day total1-20 NovemberNovember average
Shap55.4 mm50.2 mm91.2 mm196.8 mm444.2 mm196 mm
St Bees Head23.4 mm13.6 mm40.6 mm77.6 mm140.8 mm100 mm
Keswick41.8 mm39.4 mm107.8 mm189.0 mm375.0 mm182 mm
Warcop28.6 mm13.4 mm20.8 mm62.8 mm163.4 mm101 mm
Walney Island17.6 mm8.0 mm47.6 mm73.2 mm169.4 mm106 mm
Carlisle19.6 mm7.8 mm14.4 mm41.8 mm137.0 mm77 mm
Dumfries and Galloway
Eskdalemuir17.4 mm34.4 mm89.8 mm141.6 mm298.6 mm168 mm
Dundrennan16.4 mm14.8 mm21.8 mm53.0 mm192.2 mm109 mm
Drumalbin6.4 mm17.6 mm23.8 mm47.8 mm143.6 mm91 mm
West Freugh9.2 mm6.4 mm7.2 mm22.8 mm128.8 mm118 mm
Prestwick10.2 mm14.6 mm23.2 mm48.0 mm129.6 mm100 mm

We are forecasting further rain and strong winds on Saturday - this rainfall could slow up recovery on the river network in Cumbria and south-west Scotland but should not exacerbate the overall situation in Cumbria and the borders of Scotland.

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